What is AukerAbility?

AukerAbility is a project which aims to improve the development of people and the search for new activities aimed at job creation for people with disabilities.

Would you like more information about the actions we carry out? Consult our @AukerAbilityaccount.on twitter.


Through two channels: Actions focused on women and men with disabilities by means of training, practicals in regular companies, adaptation of the job to their needs, and development of activities to prevent and ameliorate their deterioration. Employment creation for people with disabilities through the search for and launch of new business activities.


AukerAbility is led by EHLABE. Participating are:

  • Gureak
  • Katea Legaia
  • Lantegi Batuak
  • Usoa


The AukerAbility Project is supported by the European Social Fund, which cofinances 50% of the project through its 2014-2020 Operational Programme for the CAPV.

The project is also supported by the Provincial Councils of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

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