Social and occupational inclusion of persons with disabilities

We are the Basque association of non-profit organizations which promotes the social and occupational inclusion of people with disabilities and includes thirteen entities from the three historical territories of Euskadi.

  • Araba: Indesa y RAEP
  • Bizkaia: Fundación Lantegi Batuak, Taller Usoa Lantegia, Taller Ranzari Lantegia, Talleres Gallarreta, Bidaideak, Bizgorre, Fundación Eragintza, Apnabi y Centro Rafaela María.
  • Gipuzkoa: Gureak y Katea Legaia


EHLABE, through its affiliate entities, offers programs for people with disabilities that seek to improve employability.


AukerAbility is a project which aims to improve the development of people and the search for new...

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GazteAbility is a project which aims to facilitate training plans and labour support for women and men with disabilities under the age of...

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The Integral Resource Centre (IRC) is an innovative experience led by EHLABE for the purpose of responding to situations of...

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The ForoEca, created on 7 April 2011, has the objective of establishing a framework for collaboration between the twelve entities making up...

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Through their specialised Guidance Services, the EHLABE associate entities offer people with disabilities a process of continuous...

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