EHLABE Social and Labour Inclusion (Euskal Herriko Lan Babestuaren Elkartea) is the Basque Association of non-profit entities which promote the social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities.

We promote and develop actions of dialogue with institutions and social agents, out of the intercooperation of our member entities, and sharing, as a general interest, the improvement of the employability for people with disabilities.

All the EHLABE organisations:

  • Are dynamic and propulsive organisations bringing value to the market by competitive activities and professional management.
  • Are non-profit, from the social or public initiatives, reinvesting their profits in the development of the project itself in search of sustainability.
  • They have participatory management systems and work with a cross-cutting approach, incorporating principles of universality and gender equality.

Network of relations

As a strategic part of its management, as well as the entities making up the Association, EHLABE incorporates the establishment of alliances with entities of a public and private nature:

And many more entities.

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