The Integral Resource Centre (IRC) was an innovative experience led by EHLABE, which between the years 2007 to 2015, and situated within the European Social Fund CAPV Operational Programme 2007-2013, had the purpose of responding to situations of discrimination and inequality in the labour market affecting people with disabilities, and to improve their employability.

Through the IRC, technical development of the capacities and knowledge of the participating entities has been sought in order to promote the transfer of innovative and successful experiences to other agents involved in the development of RDI programmes which seek to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.


The operations of the IRC are structured around three fields of action which make up the core principles of the project: employment opportunities, personalised development and social and technical RDI.


The IRC is led by EHLABE. Participating are:

  • Gureak
  • Gureak Araba
  • Katea Legaia
  • Lantegi Batuak
  • Usoa


The IRC Project is supported by the main European Institutions, and those of our area, which have recognised its innovative character and the positive impact it has on society. Specifically, the European Social Fund cofinances 50% of the project through its 2007-2013 Operational Programme for the CAPV. It also has the collaboration of the Basque Government, the Foral Government of Gipuzkoa, the Foral Government of Bizkaia, Caja Vital Kutxa and BBK.

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